A favourite part of our clinic care is providing Combined Ante-Natal Care Scheme. This is where your obstetrician and ourselves here in the practice would see you for alternate visits throughout your pregnancy.

These visits are free for all women once you sign up at your initial visit.

We like to see women early in their pregnancy to organise hospital follow up and identify any potential medical issues that need managing early in the pregnancy.

All routine visits and visits relating to pregnancy complications are covered in this scheme.

Schedule of Visits

  • 4 to 8 weeks- Initial visit with G.P.
  • Week 16 to 20 Hospital Visit for booking visit scans and bloods
  • Week 24 G.P.
  • Week 28 G.P. (Hospital if first pregnancy)
  • Week 30 G.P.
  • Week 32 Hospital
  • Week 34 G.P.
  • Week 36 Hospital
  • Week 37 G.P.
  • Week 38 Hospital
  • Week 39 G.P.
  • Week 40 Hospital

All babies should be seen by the G.P. at two weeks and six weeks. The mother should be seen by the G.P. at six weeks.